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Related article: Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2001 02:12:34 -0500 From: Anson MacDonald Subject: Real MM Adventures at Adult TheatreIt's blindingly dark as I go into the Adult Theatre. The clerk said it was pretty empty today - Preteen Lolitas Nymphets not surprising, it's only 2PM and this place doesn't get going for at least another 6 hours. Still, there was a movie and I could make out empty rows in front of me as I grouped my way to the closest row I could see - 3 from the back. I slid all the way in to the wall so I could check out the room as my eyes adjusted.The screen was typical - a video of a lesbian scene, one skinny tan chick with a shaved pussy being eaten by a plumper fair-skinned blond with nice tits and pink nips. There were close-up and you could see plenty of tongue against clit and juices flowing, that sort of thing. I listened but didn't watch - my eyes were closed so they would adjust to the darkness more quickly. I was sure I heard some rustling around the back row. When I opened my eyes and casually turned around, I was right.There was an older Hispanic guy there in simple working clothes. His pants were open and his cock was out. Beside him was a chubby white pretty boy with curly hair and neat clothes. Pretty boy leaned over and started to suck the Hispanic guy's cock. The guy's head was leaned back against the wall, eyes, closed, hands gripping the arm rests, legs stretched out straight, while pretty boy did a great up & down deep throat on a pretty fair-sized cock. I watched for a few minutes, checking the scene out. There was no one else in the place and it was clear that this was a pick-up scene - pretty boy was in here to suck. Rather than go out in the aisle I slid up the wall side of the chairs so I could sit beside the Hispanic guy without interrupting his blowjob. I took out my own cock from my suit and started to stroke it. He was surprised for a second, and then relaxed. He smiled half-heartedly with eyebrows raised. I smiled back and he gave my cock a few friendly strokes with a warm hand."Is he good?" I asked. Hispanic just nodded and leaned his head back in answer. Pretty boy straightened up and looked at me. I could see now that he had dropped his own pants and was stroking a small stiffy while he sucked."May I?" he asked.I nodded. He crossed over the other guy's legs and crouched down between us. He dropped his head into my lap and drew in my cock. His mouth was wet and warm and I felt his nose rub into my pubes almost immediately. I dropped my right hand in the lap of my companion, who had started stroking his own cock again. His dick was circumcised and about the same size and shape as mine. I gave it a few friendly strokes. My other hand went to pretty boy's cock - thicker than I had thought, rather short, with just a touch of pre-cum. The Hispanic guy and I stroked one another, pretty boy sucking us in turn, and the other getting a friendly hand job. Hispanic didn't stroke pretty boy, though. On the screen there was a good blowjob scene - the plump blond was sucking a nice thick rod, and the sounds of the video served to mask our noises."Man, this guy really knows how to suck cock, doesn't he?" I asked.Hispanic nodded in agreement. He was getting close to cumming, and so was I. Pretty boy was trading sucks back and forth - bringing one to the edge then the other. Finally Hispanic started getting really near - bucking his hips - and pretty boy moved to suck me again. The scene on the scene was matching his actions - the blond was waiting for the big money shot into her pretty smiling mouth. While I was getting sucked, the Hispanic guy slid forward in his seat and whipped his cock furiously, arching his back but making no noise. I watched but the shadows were too much - I couldn't see him shoot, but I knew he was coming anyway, just as on the screen streams of think man juice started shooting into the pretty blond girl's open mouth. I had my hand wrapped around pretty boy's thick dick and was stroking nicely, when an answering cum built inside me."Oh, man, I'm going to cum, I feel my balls starting to draw up..." I whispered to both of them.I told them about each sensation. Pretty boy moved my hand from his rod so he could move closer. He swallowed my cock from tip to base in a fast movement and repeated it slowly so he was using his throat to fuck my cock. When I was ready to cum, I told him, and he squeezed my balls slightly as I shot thick jets of cum into him again and again. Pretty boy was getting off on it, too - he was jerking his own little cock as he sucked down my load, and shot his jiz all over the pants of the guy next to me. The Hispanic guy was a little pissed - I don't blame him - and I managed to avoid a kiss from the slightly perfumed pretty boy as I tucked-in, buttoned up, and went back to my office.A few days later I was at another adult theatre, this one on the other side of town. I had gotten a room at the motel next door, and it was a short walk from the parking lot of the motel to the theatre, all well lit. This theatre always has groups of guys jacking-off on Saturday nights. They range from obviously married yuppie types to cowboys, professionals, some construction types, etc. Tonight was busy. There was a bearded white guy in the dark corner of the back row (no seats on the last row) giving blowjobs to occasional visitors. A few younger guys were cruising the seats nearer the front - you know, you're watching the movie, there are two people in front of you, then suddenly there is only one. I kept my usual spot near the back but not in the last row, way to the side. This lets me turn around discretely and watch the action in the back row if it is interesting, but makes it obvious I am not really Preteen Lolitas Nymphets looking. There are a few interested guys cruising me - they sit near me, pull out their cocks, and wait to see if I respond. One guy sat right next to me and started to dig out my own soft rod - I had to tell him politely "No thanks". I watched a few blow jobs and even saw one thin guy take it up the ass - I had never seen that before in the theatre, it's usually just jack-offs and blow jobs. The dark corner nearer the door started to get an aggregation for the usual circle jerk - there must have been eight cocks out getting stroked. While the thought of it excited me, I am too careful to jump into that scene.Finally at midnight I think that I will never find something quite right so I start to leave and walk back to my room. From the darkness a young, skinny, twinkish guy with long blond hair follows me out and is clearly cruising me. I make it easy and walk slowly back to my room and wait. He's at the door and knocks - I put the chain on and answer. He tells me that he & his boyfriend want to party with me if I am up for a threesome. I am scared stiff but stiff from thrill to, so I say okay, come on, we'll see. While he gets his boyfriend I secure my valuables in my car except for a small amount of Preteen Lolitas Nymphets "mug money" just in case and make sure I have a supply of rubbers. Soon he comes back with his guy - a forties-ish construction type, also thin, with a droopy mustache. I let them in and ask them to undress and start for me. They strip quickly and start kissing and then sucking. Twinkie has a good 6-incher of average size. His pal "Joe" has a smaller, thicker rod. I bend down and look at each cock, and then take each one in my mouth one at a time. They are clean and smell of soap and a little sweat. Both guys have smooth bodies, firm bodies, and I fulfill a fantasy by having both cocks in my mouth at once. It isn't as good as I thought it might be, but now I can know I've done it. We start experimenting with each other - daisy chains, switching positions, etc. Joe pops a popper and offers me one - I decline. Joe fucks Twinkie while I watch and shoots a big load inside him (with a rubber), and then passes out. Twink says that's it for the night for him. Now I understand - Twinkie needs more than what he's getting. I have Twinkie suck me off for a while - first 69, then just him on his knees before me. Finally I put on a rubber, and tell him to lube up. He lays back and stuffs me inside. It's so tight I start to lose my erection a bit, till Twinkie starts jacking-off in front of me. I start to fuck his ass with his legs draped on either side of me. His balls are drawn up tight and I can see the vas lines through the thin skin of his sack. I take my pleasure, varying the speed and depth to my whim. Twinkie is getting what he needs, and after a good ten minutes of fucking, I am rewarded when streams of white jism shoot out repeatedly from his stiffened cock as he strokes it. A few minutes later I pull out and then quickly dress and leave after a word of thanks. I am still hard as a rock - and if I didn't have to be at work in 90 minutes, would have gone back to the theatre and found someone to finish me off.A week or two later I fared better at the same place. No motel room this time - it was a nice luxury, but expensive. I sat in the next to last row and stroked inside my pants while watching the screen. There was a great doggy-style scene, the girl's cunt was pretty and fuzzy, the dick taking it was enormous, and you could see the juices running down her leg as she fucked. Super stuff and it made me very, very horny. Two seats over a guy sat down - he was clearly turned on too and was stroking in his pants. He slid over one seat so we were beside each other."Great scene, huh?" he asked.I agreed, and watched as he pulled out a thick cut 9-incher and began to stroke it. I was impressed - the guy was pretty good looking, friendly, and open about jacking-off."Hey, you want to do something?" he whispered."Not here" I said."How about my place, maybe 2 miles away?" he asked.I looked again and nodded agreement. We made our way out to the parking lot, cutting through the circle jerk session to get out.I followed him to his apartment and went in. It was a cheap one-room, nicely kept. We chatted, traded names, and he got us something to drink. Then he moved against me and kissed me. I was surprised - I hadn't kissed a man before. His mouth opened and I felt his tongue gently probe me, while his hands went around me and he started to move his hips. I was more surprised at how turned on I was, and I found myself kissing back and feeling my cock thrust down into my briefs as it became hard against his crotch. Finally we had to take a breath.He then sat on his couch as said "What do you want?"My answer was quick. "I want to suck that enormous cock of yours!"He smiled and nodded. He stripped down to shorts, and then stood in front of the couch to let me have the pleasure of removing his cock from his stretched briefs. The head showed most clearly of all, the edge clearly outlined against the cloth. His tool was not erect but still very thick and long. I slid his shorts down and slurped in as much of his rod as I could. It became hard in my mouth. I pushed him back and he turned out the light as he lay down across the couch, his legs bent at the knees over the edge. I held the base of his cock and became to try to deep throat him. It wasn't easy, and I don't suppose that I got more than 6 inches down, but I kept up a steady rhythm, teasing him, rubbing his cut chest and his shaved balls as I went. I rubbed his firm legs and teased his hardened nipples. I even paused a few times to keep him on edge. But I knew he would have an enormous load, and I was greedy for it. I sucked hard as I could and took him as deeply as I could. His back arched and I grabbed his firm ass, pumping him up into my mouth, as his cock seemed to swell in size. I squeezed his balls with the other hand, gently - and was rewarded to hear him say "I going to cum! Here it comes!"He pushed me off his cock and stroked his enormous dick with his right hand while I kept his hard balls in my grasp. His cum was spectacular - silvery lines of goo springing from the broad tanned head of his organ past his navel. He kept his hand on his cock, stroking slowly now. I went to clean him but he held me back - too sensitive. He lay there a few minutes, just reeling from the pleasure. I too felt dizzy - from lust!"Now what do you want?" he asked.I took out my throbbing cock and told him I would jack-off. Stroking my seven inches I stared at him there, lying back on the couch. I stood between his tanned legs, my balls just a few inches above his own. His cock was still oozing cum from a long, thick rod with a big head. Lines of cum stretched from the tip of Preteen Lolitas Nymphets his reddened dick to just above his deep belly button. He jacked himself slowly for me, clearly still enjoying it, and in the dim light I could see the white gleam of cum run down his fist as he stroked himself, watching me, staring at me. It was too much, and I had a load of cum that had been building up from sitting in the theatre for hours. I had my cock in one hand and my balls in the other. I squeezed my balls hard as I went over the edge, and I jacked my dick with long, careful moves, timing my strokes with my twinges so each burst shot out of my dick with force. The first shot hit his chin, the next few his shoulder, and then made streams that started to trickle down his chiseled chest to mix with his own. He licked the cum from his chin and then wiped his mouth on his arm. He was amazed and called it Preteen Lolitas Nymphets the "cum of the century" and I agreed, I guessed - pretty good stuff. I tasted my own cum on his lips as we kissed before I left. We cleaned up, chatted briefly, and I left with his phone number in my pocket. I threw it out a few days later.
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